Jimmy Painter: Achieving 4 Closed Deals and 45 ad Conversions in 15 days.

"Social Traffic' services helped us achieve significant revenue growth."
Jimmy Painter

With a limited budget, Jimmy wanted to leverage Facebook advertising to maximize his reach and attract potential customers. Our team strategized and executed a tailored advertising campaign to meet Jimmy's objectives.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Target Audience:
    We analyzed Jimmy's target market and identified key demographics, including art enthusiasts, interior designers, and individuals interested in unique and personalized artwork. We created a detailed customer persona to guide our targeting efforts.
  2. Ad Creative:
    To capture the attention of the target audience, we designed visually appealing and compelling ad creatives showcasing Jimmy's stunning artwork. These included high-resolution images of his paintings along with engaging ad copy highlighting his expertise, creativity, and the ability to create custom pieces.
  3. Ad Placement:
    We utilized Facebook's ad placement options to ensure maximum visibility. We selected a combination of news feeds, Instagram feeds, and audience network placements to reach potential customers across multiple platforms.
  4. Ad Optimization:
    Throughout the campaign, we continuously monitored ad performance and optimized it for better results. We performed A/B testing on ad variations, headlines, and calls-to-action to identify the most effective combinations.
Facebook Ads


  1. Clicks:
    The campaign generated a total of 415 clicks, indicating a strong level of interest and engagement from the target audience.
  2. Conversions:
    Out of the 415 clicks, 45 users converted by taking the desired action, such as contacting Jimmy Painter or requesting a custom artwork quote. This demonstrates the campaign's effectiveness in driving qualified leads.
  3. Cost per Conversion:
    With a total ad spend of $414.51 and 45 conversions, the campaign achieved an average cost per conversion of $9.21. This indicates a cost-effective approach in generating leads compared to Jimmy's average customer acquisition cost.
  4. Deals Closed:
    As a direct result of the campaign, Jimmy successfully closed 4 deals, translating into tangible revenue and business growth.


By leveraging Facebook advertising, our digital marketing agency helped Jimmy Painter effectively promote his custom artwork services and generate qualified leads. The campaign's strategic targeting, engaging ad creative, and continuous optimization resulted in 415 clicks, 45 conversions, and 4 closed deals.

Furthermore, with a cost per conversion of $9.21, Jimmy experienced a successful return on investment, enabling him to expand his customer base and increase revenue.

Moving forward, we continue to monitor his advertising campaigns and exploring additional marketing channels to further enhance his business growth.

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