Soaring Revenues with SEO and Targeted Marketing in Just Two Months

"Their services helped us stand out and generate more business. We highly recommend them to any business looking to increase their customer base and online visibility."
Mike Brown,
Operations Manager

Transforming Smart Renos:

Client Background

Smart Renos is a professional painting company serving Toronto and the Greater Area. They offer high-quality painting services for residential and commercial clients.


Smart Renos needed a strong online presence and effective marketing strategy to grow their client base and increase revenue in a competitive market.


Our team partnered with Smart Renos to create a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website, ensuring it ranked high on Google search results. We then implemented a targeted marketing strategy to generate leads and boost sales

Smart Renos Google Search Console


During the first four weeks, we created a website for Smart Renos and executed a marketing plan that significantly boosted their online presence. This led to an astounding 1187% rise in the click-through rate, which comprised 118 organic clicks and 110 direct clicks. Additionally, Smart Renos successfully closed two painting project covering entire cost of the marketing and making profits.

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